ArmA II Walkthrough: Operation Arrowhead: Mission 2 - Good Morning, Takistan: Capturing the Village

Under the control tower you can meet several more Takistani soldiers - kill them all by carefully bending around the corner of the hangar.

Some Takistanis are also hiding on the control tower - this is again an excellent occasion to practice firing from a grenade launcher attached to your assault rifle. You may be able to destroy these three bad guys on the control tower from this grenade launcher before they destroy the ranks of your squad.

After that, you can go up to this building and slowly enter it, then move upward inward. Before that, you should change the store and switch to fully automatic mode. Shoot the two Takistani soldiers hiding on the stairs - you may have problems killing them earlier when you use a grenade launcher.

After that, you can use the next ladder to rise even higher than the control tower to check if these three fighters (including the pilot) were destroyed by the fire of your grenade launcher. It is advisable to squat on the stairs to avoid being shot. Watch out, the pilot is hiding in the corner right in front of the stairs!

After checking the control tower, exit this building and look into the tent located behind the UAZ car. If you want, you can use this car later for travel - someone left the keys in the ignition ...

In the tent you will meet three Takistani officers, possibly still alive.

In a village on a northbound road, you are likely to come across obsolete armored vehicles used by enemy combatants. Although I don’t know if he works in this scenario (I mean, can his HMG harm you), or is it just a decorative element of scenography, but it is worth destroying this car with a grenade fired from a grenade launcher. Alternatively, you can use a hand grenade against this vehicle if you have such a grenade in your arsenal.

Kill all the fighters you find in the village. The only sign that distinguishes them from the civilian population is weapons of different origin, which they hold in their hands. First of all, kill the HMG team (heavy machine gun), which is hiding behind sandbags on the left side of the road leading from the village to the east. This HMG building is located on the outskirts of the village of Loy Manara.

After the battle and after clearing the opponents in this settlement in Takistan, it is time to capture the village of Jazz, located in the southeast, in grid 093017. Before moving to her, you can search the pockets of dead Americans, if any of them are not lucky to be killed in this distant and very exotic country ... Find a rifle equipped with a thermal imaging or optical sight - in a minute such a weapon can be very useful . fz-5.com